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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A telling reaction

Why is the McCain camp going bat-crap crazy over the McMansions gaffe? Because they understand that it's one of those gaffes that will resonate. It's simple: McCain is so rich he can't remember how many homes he has ... and it cracks their narrative, that Barack Obama is the one who's an elitist. As Brent Budowsky puts it:
What a guy, this McCain. He puts on his $500 shoes, with over $100 million of assets (speaking of first wives, and second wives, I might add — for those interested in double standards after the John Edwards case — that this $100 million was not earned income by McCain, you understand).

The guy with so many houses he can’t count them, the $500 dollar shoes and the $100 million of assets that are not earned income — this guy calls Obama an elitist?! Obama, who grew up in a single-parent home, worked his way through law school, earned his success the old-fashioned way, and worked with churches to help jobless workers find jobs?

What a class act, this guy who launches cheap-shot personal attacks against Obama; who is so out of touch he can’t remember how many homes he owns.

And by threatening to go the Rezko-Wright route, the McCain camp also risks further exposing themselves to their most helpful constituency of late, namely the media:

Thursday evening, in an attempt to drum up an alternative story for reporters, a new McCain ad was churned out alleging that Obama's own million-dollar home in Chicago was purchased with the aide of a shady influence peddler.

But the question must be asked, what did Obama's campaign do that would require a doffing off of the gloves? Did he not simply recycle McCain's own words. And, of course, that is the dilemma for McCain's camp. Just as their man was feeling the wind at his back and basking in some good polls comes word of his seven homes.

At least seven. The McCain campaign cried foul, pointing out that Obama earned $4 million last year, which doesn't exactly make him a man of the people. But by McCain's own definition, it doesn't make Obama rich either.

Nope, that would take $5 million, chief. FIVE. Unless of course, Mac lied to Pastor Rick...

Meanwhile, just for fun, head on over here and see which candidate you think is living la vida loca. (Hint: Obama's "million dollar house" sure looks tame compared with McCain's cribs...)

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